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When taken in the most basic form, a message is an object of communication. It is an object to provide information. Also it can be the main information by itself. Also depending on the context, the message may be the information as also the context in which it is used. It is also used officially. Officially it is called a communiqué. It is a brief report or statement released by a public agency. At, we have the best of the typography and other messages for you to look at. They make you think about the various issues confounding us. The best of thoughts and the coolest quotes come alive in the messages. Great people and their thoughts are best shown in the messages that we see. It can be the best of movie quotes or the coolest sayings by singers, rappers or any other artists. If it comes with a cool picture in the background, it makes for a cool picture. The wallpapers at our site will pique your curiosity and make you wonder about the words. The deep meaning in them as well as the cool quotient that they have. It is a free for all kind of thing. The best messages are the ones which have a subtle message as well as are cool to look at. And walking the tightrope between cool and profound is what we aim to do. The messages could be about a variety of things, like love, finances, success, dedication etc. The best part is, it could act as your daily motivator to do the right thing and in the best possible way. Many a times when we overlook the true meaning of life and the reason why we have been put here, the messages help us remember why we are here in this world.